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I've ordered my pictures on themes and regions, so I hope you can find what you are after!
I'm adding new pictures and galleries as I upload my portfolio so check back now and then for new work which I'll highlight here.
You can pick themes from the GALLERIES menu, and the following link to some of my favourite experiences/ images and newer work...
Mist Rising on Ullswater

Night Scenes

A collection of night landscape images. These usually involve me being out all night waiting for the conditions to be just right. It's amazing to see a multitude of stars above you as mist rolls off a still lake...
Pink Light on Skiddaw

Winter Mountains

A collection of mountain views taken in winter. I'm not a high fell walker these days, especially when we have winter conditions, so I've explored to find good vantage points to take in the winter scenes without too much risk...
Blencathra across Swinside


Not surprisingly, given my business name, my favourite conditions involve mist. It seems to be alive as it drifts and swirls across the landscape and around the fells and mountains...