Seals and Shifting Sands

19th July 2020

After another couple of weeks of generally poor weather here in Cumbria my free time has again been going through the enormous archive of shots which I never got around to edit properly! I have had a couple of runs out to try to see Comet Neowise C2020 F3 but with limited success, as the skies have been leaden grey and overcast in the main.

So I knew that - somewhere - I had a folder of images of grey seals taken about 4 years ago, so I searched and eventually found them lurking on a hard drive of military vehicles and aviation pictures! 

Seals are a difficult animal to photograph - it is unwise to get close and they do spend a lot of their time doing nothing! I timed my visit to avoid the pupping season, and a handful of animals were found on the beach... sadly with the last couple of the season's pups lying abandoned. I had waited for a day when the forecast was sunny but breezy, in the hope the sand might be whipped up a little. I was lucky and got the conditions I wanted, but it was quite unpleasant trying to get down low to get the shots I wanted with a long telephoto while the sand was blowing into my face!

But I suppose that's what it's all about - it usually takes effort and a bit of hardship to make the most of an opportunity!

Grey Seal on a cloud of sand

Abandoned pup