Puffed out on the Farnes

19th June 2020

So we have had a few nice misty mornings of late but the days have been very hot and stormy, so I have been sorting out a selection of images from a trip to the Farne Islands last year. It's a superb location to visit - easily doable in a day from Lakeland - but you need to choose the right day... it's not just a matter of sun and cloud, but windspeed and direction and also storm swell can mean the day might look perfect but the boats cannot access the islands. But if you are able to land there are opportunities to shoot various seabirds in flight and on the ground in and around burrows and nests. 

Careful positioning is needed to get the best backgrounds and exploit the light which is inevitably harsh, as you can only visit around mid-summer and from 10am through to 3pm with specific local boatmen. Regretfully no visits are currently permitted due to Covid, so 2021 could be busy!

Puffin Panning - a challenge for any photographer!

The stunning colours of the Puffin work well with natural coloured, defocused backgrounds