Getting in the Astro Picture...

20th September 2020

It's hard to believe I haven't put up a blog in over a month but I guess it shows what small pickings we have had with the weather up here in the North West. Plus it is summer holiday time and the Lakes have been packed, so the peace and quiet is somewhat spoilt. The ever present covid concerns also have deterred me, but we've had a few clear nights this last week and the fact the Milky way season is drawing to a close soon has given me a kick to get out and about again.

There are a number of photographers who include themselves in astro shots, and I thought I'd give it a go - one night by Derwentwater and one night by Bassenthwaite - for a bit of fun. It's not easy as the head torch can be too bright and depth of field also a challenge. And even with a high ISO you need to stand still for up to 30 seconds.

Generally I'm happy with the results but I'll try again to refine my technique. Maybe loose some weight first as well!


Derwentwater and the Milky Way Core


Bass Lake and Orion