Comet Hunting - The Quest for Neowise C2020 F3

5th August 2020

So another couple of weeks have gone by and the weather has been pretty poor for summer - BUT I did manage to finally get a couple of shots of the comet currently gracing our skies (although by now dimming).

As is normal routine, I got some useful images from 3 out of 6 or 7 trips out, a couple of them all-nighters and 2 total dead losses! Such are the challenges of living in the Lakes, where weather forecasts and local conditions can differ in the extreme!

My most successful shoot was at Sycamore Gap, but even that involved a 3 hour wait for the cloud to shift. I dragged my daughter along as a model and the resulting image has been well received. The other success was shoreside at Derwentwater, again with frustrating cloud - and a gang of drunken youngsters nearby who took my attention at times - but a nice reflection with Skiddaw in silhouette was the result.  

I hope you've had a chance to see the comet - it wasnt easy to spot by eye, but imaging it was a sure delight. 


First efforts - Neowise C2020 shot at 500mm


Neowise C2020 and reflection across Derwentwater